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She Likes Trains: Shining Railroad Eyes by Shelley Alongi (1)
"As a writer or horror, I didn't know if I would enjoy this story, but after reading it, it brought tears to my eyes, which is hard to do with me. Bravo! " -- Derrick Cutter, Indianapolis, In, USA.

Over A Hundred Years Later Nothing New About Progressives by Richard Koss (2)
"Dick I applaud your scholarship!" -- Cedric McClester, New York, NY, United States.
"Thank you Cedric and Merry Christmas. " -- RICHARD.

Goodbye America by Richard Koss (1)
"Getting rid of Obama wil not repair the damage done these past six years. He is only a figurehead for powerful, billionaire sources whose ultimate goals are the dismantling of the U.S. economy, its traditional political and social structure, and ultimately its loss of status as the most powerful nation in the world. ( A transformation which has been ongoing for some time now.) " -- Maru Anduhar, San Francisco.

The Poisonous Dart Frog, Politics And History by Colin Baker (2)
"nice one" -- Princess Jean Molina, iligan city, kolambugan, philippines.
"It says "please be constructive" when posting my review. Does that mean any review deemed to be non-contructive will not be posted? And who decides what is constructive? So capitalism encourages the elite to make decisions to maintain their economic and social dominance. I agree. However, under communism, the elite are even more dominant and controlling than the covert leaders of a capitalistic society. The perfect world of a communist society exists when most everyone is equally miserable except the elite who are more visible and obvious than their counterparts in a capitalistic society. Most philosophers,scientists, and political idealists have one thing in common. They don't believe in God. They are dreamers and dreamers have never been able to implement their utopian views in any western country and improve the level of social and economic well being for its citizens even close to the level of the MAJORITY of those living in the United States of America. You're right about one thing - There will always be dreamers and they will keep trying no matter how many times they fail. Every generation of philosophers is addicted to their own perception of how brilliant they are, and following in the footsteps of their icons, believe they have learned how to make communism work. It must be a special gift granted to only a few brilliant minds. That gift being to continue to pursue an idealistic form of social engineering which has repeatedly failed wherever and whenever implemented for any extended period. " -- Richard.

Wael's Strategy For Success by Wael El-Manzalawy (2)
"Hello, i agree with every thing you said, I am also a research analyst at a digital library and frequently write essays of all types. I think argumentative essays are the best because it help your creative juices to flow and pay attention to tiny details in our topic that we had not before. Check some great argumentative essays at: http://www.researchomatic.com/essays/ " -- Vincent McFarley, Forest Grove, Oregon, United States.
"I find it very interesting. I would really like to know more about it . Your writing on this is a benefit to many people espeacially us Thai. when you say that all goals should be related amoung them, but are there also ways to catchup on goals that are quite in diversion, sort of different among them.. I have passionate to many different things, you see... and my goal is to acheive them all. I know, weird? I guess. But I would really like to hear your point of view on this, I believe there poeple who are somewhat like me. " -- anchalee, Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand.

A Fool At Fifty Three by Kennedy O Obohwemu (1)
"oookkkk http://www.logodesign.com" -- bloomebony.

Thoughts On My Dad by Bethany J Hargrove (1)
"You're 22 but you write like a fourteen year-old. You shouldn't be using this site to trash your dad, (even if he is and idiot). You're airing your dirty laundry for others to read about. Keep your dysfunctional family history to yourself. As for writing, why don't you check the spelling of someone's name BEFORE you post it. You also need to clean up your grammar and puntutation if you want to be respected as a writer. That's all. I call 'em like I see 'em. Good luck." -- Richard.

Are We There Yet? by Richard Koss (1)
"Not there yet...but getting close." -- Mattie.

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