Undestined Romance
Winson Thai


DANA XIANG: 21-year-old college senior, medium sized, amorous, admires women’s bodies.

YVETTE ZHANG: Dana’s 45-year-old mother, guarding, emotional, overlooks other’s feelings.

LIBBY REYNOLDS: Dana’s former swimming teacher, 27 years old, ripped, selfless and brave.

Scene Set-Up
This scene is set in Dana and Yvette’s Brighton Beach apartment. Their living room with its rug, two short sofas, one long couch and coffee table is at downstage. The kitchen is behind it with its table and three chairs in the center plus cabinets, counter, stove, refrigerator and sink along all the walls. The upstage wall has a two-piece window and a day backdrop behind it. The stage left wall has a metal door, the apartment’s front one, with a hanging wooden coat rack near it. A coat is on it and the stage right wall has two painted doors.

Haunting and dark romantic music plays from a piano as Yvette reclines on the long sofa reading a book. The music fades out as she flips a page.

YVETTE: (Laughing slightly) Man, this novel just keeps getting better and better (she flips a page again).

DANA: (He enters through the front door in outdoor attire carrying a shoulder bag) Hey mom.

YVETTE: (She closes her book, puts it on the coffee table, and sits up) Hi sweetie, how was school today?

DANA: Fine, what did you do today? (He puts his bag down, takes off his coat, and hangs it on the rack)

YVETTE: Just stayed here and watched the apartment all day like I always do when I am off.

DANA: I see (he walks toward the table and sees Yvette’s book). Oh god, are you still reading that thing?

YVETTE: Hey, it is a really good, romantic book Dana. You should read it sometime.

DANA: Yeah maybe after the semester has ended (he and Yvette giggle), but speaking of romance, I have been dating someone for nearly three months, but did not feel ready to tell you about it until now.

YVETTE: (She stands up) Oh my, you know romantic relationships are really complicated and involve a lot of difficult decision-making. Son, are you sure you made the right choice to be with this woman?

DANA: Yes, she is a very caring and sweet person and waiting outside. In fact, you have met her before.

YVETTE: Oh really? (Dana nods) Well then, please bring her in. I am anxious to see who she is.

DANA: Okay, I will be right back. (He departs via the front door. Yvette peers around the place for a few seconds before going to Dana’s bag on the floor. She squats and is about to unzip it when Dana returns with Libby. They are holding hands. Yvette speedily gets up and puts the bag on the sofa)

YVETTE: Dana, you know you forgot to put your bag on the couch like you should all the time.

DANA: Oh right I will keep that in mind (chuckling). Anyway, this is my new girlfriend Libby Reynolds.

YVETTE: (Reaching her right hand out to Libby, gesturing for a hand shake) Well, nice to meet you Libby.

LIBBY: (Reaching her right hand out to shake Yvette’s) It is very great to see you again Mrs. Xiang.

YVETTE: (Letting go of Libby’s hand in confusion) Hey, I think we have met before. You do look familiar.

LIBBY: (Sigh) Should we tell her Dana? (Dana nods hesitantly while Yvette takes a step back)

YVETTE: Uh, tell me what? Come to think of it, the name Libby Reynolds sounds rather familiar as well.

DANA: Mom, this is my former swimming instructor. You hired her eight years ago for private lessons.

YVETTE: (Pulling back while gasping and putting her hands over her mouth in complete shock) You?!?!

LIBBY: (Nodding with a look of regret) Yes, it is me, but listen ma’am. This is not what you…

YVETTE: (Interrupting angrily) What the hell do you plan on doing with my son now, you whore?!?!

DANA: (Raising his voice) Mom, would you please just hear what I must…

YVETTE: (Interrupting again while scolding Libby) I hired you to teach him to swim, not have sex with!!

DANA: (He gets annoyed and raises his voice higher) Mom, there is something I really have to say!

YVETTE: Instead of getting stronger and more confident, my son became his school’s big laughingstock!!

DANA: I was always that school’s laughingstock and the sex I had with Libby was totally consensual!!!

YVETTE: (She and Libby look at Dana in total disbelief) What? And you never told me that until now?

DANA: I was afraid of how you would react, but seriously loved every intimate encounter I had with her.

YVETTE: (To Libby) Then why did you pled guilty to all those rape and assault charges filed against you?

LIBBY: I wanted to save Dana from the embarrassment of discussing our relationship at a trial and knew as a woman, the judge would sentence me lightly, thus letting me reunite with your son someday.

YVETTE: You really took advantage of a guilty plea and the double standard society has on cases like this.

DANA: Hey, can you picture how people would react if I said on the stand that I liked kissing her ass and pussy? And you are right that there is a double standard. If I was a girl and Libby was a man, she would be sent to prison for like 15 years instead of getting just two years of probation and four in house arrest without having to register as a sex offender and everybody would call her things like “pedophile,” “child molester” or “perv.” Instead, they say on online news articles and blogs that I am a lucky very boy and they wished they had a swimming teacher like her. It is like sex for us is always a good thing and I seriously think it is true. It was what all the guys at school talked about and the girls fueled this by wearing clothes that exposed their stomachs, thighs, bras, and panties.

YVETTE: That is a bad thing to say because you are a victim of a crime here, but seem to be embracing it.

LIBBY: I am not a criminal as I was just satisfying Dana’s fantasies; he is not a victim here at all. After I was freed, I looked for him for two months before finally seeing him outside his school. I went to him and proved who I was by showing him a sexy picture of me he took. He cried in joy and said he missed me so much. I hugged him tightly and said it was time to resume what we did in 2002.

YVETTE: All right. Then tell me, how did you and Libby begin your love affair? I really want to know!

DANA: Well, if you recall, the summer that we met was unusually hot, so Libby often wore string bikinis for our lessons at her pool. It turned me on a lot since they looked easy to take off. I liked it when she held me up in the water as I practiced my strokes since I got to feel and rub her smooth body. She wore thin skimpy outfits that showed plenty of skin at home and when we went out together. I stared at her behind her back a lot, hoping she would let me strip her and kiss all over her body.

LIBBY: I was at first uncomfortable with him always looking at me and touching my boobs and ass when we swam, but said nothing, knowing how sexual boys are, until one incident changed everything.

YVETTE: And what incident was that? (Dana and Libby pace around when they talk from this point on)

DANA: One day nearly six weeks after we met, I saw Libby bending her upper body as she wiped a stain off her bedroom floor from behind. She was wearing a very short skirt, so her butt and super cute panties were visible to me. I had developed a big ass fetish and wondered what it was like to kiss a woman’s butt after many girls at school said, “Kiss my ass,” meaning “I do not care” or “Screw you” to me when I flirted with them over the years. I knew this was the best chance to do that, so I quietly went in behind Libby, knelt, pulled down her undies, and kissed her butt. It felt so good.

LIBBY: (Chuckling as Yvette gazes at Dana in shock) I freaked in terror when I felt my underwear being yanked down and somebody’s lips touching my butt cheek, causing Dana to step back and say it was just him. I quickly got upright, pulled my panties back up and asked him why he did that. He told me the same things he just told you. Initially I was mad, but after he said kissing my ass was the first sexual experience he physically ever had and he loved it, held him close and said I loved it too and would do anything to make him happy. We then made out whenever we were together.

YVETTE: Including right after my son scared you with his surprise kiss to your private area Libby?

DANA: Yes mom, we embraced and felt each other’s bodies. She kissed all around my face as I removed her panties once again and grabbed her ass cheeks. I was ready to kiss them again until she lifted her skirt up, revealing her vagina, and said to lick and suck it. I did not know about oral sex back then despite having touched and dreamt about kissing her down there before, so she stuck out her tongue, moved it up and down in a fast motion, and said to do that with mine to her pussy. I knelt gladly, did just that and her body language, joyful screaming, and keeping my head in proved she loved it. I soon saw a white gooey substance come out of her vagina and not sure what it was, got afraid, but she said it meant I was licking it correctly. When she about-faced and I kissed her butt some more, I totally soaked it and her reaction was the same, moaning and telling me not to stop.

LIBBY: He was good for a first-time butt kisser and oral sex giver. Next time we met, I was wearing only a tank top and underwear while in my bathroom washing my face when Dana quickly ran in, sat on the floor behind me, put his arms around my legs and kissed my thighs up to my ass cheeks. It scared me so bad, I peed in my panties (giggling a bit), so he took them off, sniffed my ass to see if it was fresh, and kissed it all over while wiping me clean. I then sat on the counter, put my legs on his shoulders and he licked my vagina as I laid back in joy. We cuddled that night in bed after a swim. I held him in my arms with his head by my chest and hands inside my panties. I told him we would keep doing this if he mastered our swimming lessons, provoking him to practice more.

YVETTE: (Her hands are on her mouth) Oh lord, what else are you keeping from me? Answer me now!!

DANA: Libby wore only a sleeveless leotard next time we met when she taught me a few post-swimming workouts. She then lied on her bed with her knees bent and I went in-between her legs and pulled her leotard aside to lick her vagina while she kept my head in with her thighs and hands. After an orgasm, she turned facedown and I kissed and licked her butt cheeks. The time after that, she was fully nude and said I paid so much attention to her lower half, she wanted me to start focusing on her higher half and I did. She held me to the wall and kissed me before I kissed her neck down to her breasts, sucking both nipples in the process, and stomach. She turned around and I kissed her entire back and shoulders while grabbing her ass and fondling her vagina. Her moaning made me keep going. As our friendship turned into a fiery romance, I spent more time with her even as the weather got cooler, thus we finished our lessons at a nearby recreational center’s pool. Each time I said I would be coming to her house, she would undress and clean her body in advance and was either in a bra and panties, just one or the other, or butt-naked by the time I got there ready to get intimate. It felt very great to show our love for each other, but I do not think you want to know…

YVETTE: You better tell me all that you did! You are my son and I want to know everything about you!

LIBBY: (Sigh) After two months of him kissing, licking, and sucking me, I told him if he really wanted to make me scream in joy, he should stick his fingers in and out of my vagina. He caressed it nearly every time we had sex before and so had no troubles doing that. As he went in so deep each time, I bled in the first, peed in the second and felt pain in my vagina in the third. To soothe it, he gave me oral so hard, it looked as if he was eating it. I cummed on his face and he kissed and rubbed it on my ass cheeks. I later taught him to stick his tongue in and out of my pussy and it got me wet.

YVETTE: Wow, so the two of you enjoyed everything? Libby never did anything against your will Dana?

DANA: No there were some sexual activities I was not ready for yet and Libby was okay with it. The last thing she taught me was doing the same things to her anus as I did to her vagina. She leaned on a wall one evening facing it and I sat on the floor behind her holding her hips while kissing her ass cheeks. She spread them apart at one point and said to lick in-between them. I was scared at first, believing her anus was filthy, but she assured me she cleaned it beforehand and doing that would give her the same arousing feelings as kissing her round butt. She was right and next time we had sex, she was on all fours on her bed naked, my favorite position since if I was behind her, I could do all sorts of things concurrently to make her moan very loud like licking up and down her anus vagina at once while feeling her ass cheeks, kissing her soft cheeks while fingering her vagina, or placing my finger in one hole and tongue in the other while spanking and grabbing her sexy butt.

YVETTE: All those times I thought you went to her home to hang out or play around, you were having sex?

LIBBY: Yes mostly. Dana loved being in bed with me since he got to feel my soft skin or comfy lingerie and slip his hands in my clothes to fondle what I had underneath. It felt nice to kiss affectionately with me on top of him before I moved up so he could feel, suck, and kiss my breasts and nipples.

YVETTE: If everything you did was consensual, why did you cry like a baby after Libby’s arrest Dana?

DANA: (Holding back tears) I cried not for being raped or abused, but breaking a promise to Libby that I would not tell anyone about our relationship. That is how she was caught. Some classmates said I was gay, would never get married, or have sex nonstop for months. I blurted to them about Libby out of anger one day, a nearby teacher heard it and told the principal, who reported it to the cops. The case got badly mixed up since people either did not believe us or twisted some of the details.

YVETTE: Hold it, why did your classmates make fun of you like that? You should have said something.

DANA: I have no clue. Maybe it was due to my low physical strength, high-pitched voice or big shyness, but mom, don’t you see? Libby did nothing wrong, but paid the price for my desires and mistake.

LIBBY: After I was released on bail, Dana visited me crying badly, saying he was very sorry for causing the whole dilemma. I forgave him as I loved him. I put my arms around him and he put his hands in-between my thighs as I was just in a sweater and panties. I told him I pled guilty to all charges and he got upset, not wanting to see an innocent person get punished, and was willing to publicly admit to starting and entirely loving our romance, but I told him not to since it would damage his image for life. We then made out one last time. He undressed me before kissing every inch of my body from neck to toe, especially butt and chest. I cummed as he licked, sucked, and fingered my vagina and anus. As we lied and slept on my bed after that, I swore to him we would reunite after I finish my sentence. He would reach the age of consent by then thus we could not get in trouble.

YVETTE: (Crying) And you kept your vow, but did you two know that your relationship was illegal?

DANA: I did not at the time and Libby was quiet about it as she did not want to scare me, but gave up six years of her life so that I would be okay. It is time for me to repay her by swearing my life to her. I waited all this time for her to return and thought of how superb it would be every night and day. (Yvette tearfully goes to the coat rack and takes her jacket) Hey wait, mom where are you going?

YVETTE: (Putting on her jacket) To the hospital to check your birth certificate and see if you are my child.

DANA: (Going to Yvette) What? I am your son. There were just a few things you did not know about me.

YVETTE: A few things?!?!? Someone who spent nine months in me would never have such a dirty mind!!

DANA: Libby and I never had actual intercourse if that makes you feel better. We are still virgins (Yvette puts on her shoes, opens the door, and walks out). Mom wait (Dana tries to go after her, but she slams the door close in his face. He bangs on it thrice, then about faces and leans his back on it).

LIBBY: (Libby quickly goes to Dana as the same haunting music from the beginning plays for the rest of the scene in the background) Oh my, I am so sorry for what just happened (she touches his face).

DANA: (He releases Libby’s hands from his face) It is not your fault. I had to tell her sooner or later.

LIBBY: So what are you going to do now honey? (Dana goes back to the spot he was before)

DANA: For now I will let my mom vent out her rage and heartbreak at the hospital. No matter how much she tries to reject it, I am her son and she will have to accept my personality and our relationship.

LIBBY: I honestly do not think our romance will work out if she refuses to allow us to be together.

DANA: (He goes up to Libby and holds her hands) Libby, I am not a kid anymore and can make my own choices. I want to be with you whether she likes it or not. You said nothing is mightier than love.

LIBBY: Yeah I did, okay. (She and Dana wrap their arms around each other), let’s give this another shot (they smile and kiss passionately as Dana takes off Libby’s sweater and shirt, then kneels to take off her jeans and panties, leaving only her bra on. Libby removes her shoes before squatting. She and Dana continue kissing as they lie on the floor with her on top. The music and lights fade out)



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