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Shmuel Yacobi 60 Words about the Author: Shmuel Yacobi MA philosophy writer and director is prayerfully looking to build...
Cristina Yacovone I am 8 years old. My sister is Alyssa Arteaga. My favorite band is Simple Plan. I also like to listen t...
Vivek Yadav i am a student learning things about lfe and taking down notes and sharing them with every one.
Vyacheslav Yampolsky -
Masab Yaseen Srs is a singer
Ammar Yasir im songwriter.i write about differ sitautions and anyything thats comes in mind.
Chacky Yen -
Rachel Thian Yeng -
Joseph Yenkavitch Retired Teacher. Most writing has been articles, but have published some short stories, poems and essa
John Yeohann just a basic guy writing basic poems about basically everything!
John J Yezman -
Yg younggoldie
Jqg Yibslog -
Nevermind You i kill
Erica Young
Iain Young Very few facts are known about the author and only one known photograph. Iain Young is rumoured to have been ...
J A Young -
Jessica L Young I am 18 years old from Arkansas. I love the Lord with all my heart and hope one day to make it to heaven....
Kathrine Young -
Pj Young 36 year old man from England
Younggoldie Younggoldie yg
Natasha Youngman From carmi, Illinois
Youngpilgrim -
Young -
Matthew Mark Your Rich http://pepsithieves.blogspot.com
Yuel Yuel Boyce Myself is Yuel Boyce.
Yufli ' -
Matthew Mark Gill Yummy Baby speaking his mind and being cute like always! http://matthewmark46410.tripod.com Complimen...
Y -

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Erica Young
I started writing songs and poems about 2 years ago, and I will admit, most of them sucked. After a while, I lost inspiration and had so much going on and just stopped writing. I have finally recently gotten back to writing, and at first, what inspired me was illness and fighting through and I started writing about it. Now I think I'm getting better at writing, and will start posting new ones soon.
[September 2010]
Aching (Songs) I wrote this for a friend who has had trouble after losing a relative... [101 words] [September 2010] (HITS 637, REVS. 0)
Clear-Cut (Songs) My 44th original song. it's about my journey through life, being hurt, but getting through everything and becoming more myself because of the obstacled [225 words] [Teenage] [September 2010] (HITS 861, REVS. 0)
Controversy (Songs) - [91 words] [September 2010] (HITS 637, REVS. 0)
Eternal Life (Songs) This is my 20th original song. It is a love song about spending eternity with the person I love. [487 words] [Romance] [March 2009] (HITS 844, REVS. 0)
God Is Here With Me (Songs) My 37th original song. This is about God and how I always trust in Him through everything because He is her with me. [222 words] [Spiritual] [January 2009] (HITS 760, REVS. 0)
Gotta Say It (Songs) This is my 42nd song. I started it earlier, and am writing it as I type. It's a love song, about saying what I feel to the person I love if I get the chance. [264 words] [Romance] [January 2009] (HITS 888, REVS. 2)
I Call Out (Songs) My 45th song. A love song that somehow took longer than most... [270 words] [Romance] [February 2009] (HITS 789, REVS. 0)
I Won't Drown (Songs) I wrote this in relation to my fight with illness... [191 words] [September 2010] (HITS 622, REVS. 0)
If I Lost You (Poetry) A love poem about the man I may love... Probably the shortest one I've ever written, but still enough for me to release my thoughts. [159 words] [Romance] [February 2009] (HITS 758, REVS. 0)
Invisible Underneath (Poetry) Just a burst of feelings... Wrote this in an emotional state, so I didn't wanna go back and edit anything that may not be clear or make total sense. [125 words] [September 2009] (HITS 692, REVS. 0)
Jacket (Songs) My 34th original song. It was a very fun one to write. It's a metaphorical love song about finally finding my perfect "jacket"... [271 words] [Romance] [January 2009] (HITS 826, REVS. 0)
Key To Life (Songs) This is my 12th original song. It's about the world and how terrible it's gotten and how hopeless people seem, and how I keep my faith in God through it all. [374 words] [Spiritual] [January 2009] (HITS 727, REVS. 0)
Learn To Love My Words (Poetry) It's true. I know I can't write, but oh well... [146 words] [September 2009] (HITS 683, REVS. 0)
Like Someday, Love (Songs) My 30th original song. A love song, obviously. About the person I love and always listen to and dream of, in hopes that we may together someday. [303 words] [Romance] [January 2009] (HITS 740, REVS. 0)
Lost Glow (Songs) This is my 28th original song. It's a love song about someone who entered my life and brought light with him. [324 words] [Romance] [February 2009] (HITS 807, REVS. 0)
Love And Writing (Poetry) A poem about struggling with my writing and love. [292 words] [January 2009] (HITS 715, REVS. 0)
More Than Worthless (Poetry) A poem about being blinded by a confusion of love. [178 words] [February 2009] (HITS 735, REVS. 0)
My Lullaby (Songs) - [105 words] [September 2010] (HITS 690, REVS. 0)
My Only Thoughts (Poetry) A love poem about the person I have constant thoughts about. I love him but he isn't near me, and I can't stop hearing and thinking of him. [294 words] [Romance] [January 2009] (HITS 763, REVS. 0)
My Story (Songs) This is my 29th original song. It's about the constant dreams of the person I love but can't touch. [278 words] [Romance] [January 2009] (HITS 842, REVS. 0)
No Longer (Poetry) A poem about losing love without even trying... [198 words] [February 2009] (HITS 816, REVS. 1)
No Longer A Friend (Songs) My 43rd original song. It's about an old friend of mine. Just thought I'd let out how she hurt me, though this probably isn't half of what I'm feeling because I don't want to write anything inappropriate for a song. [211 words] [Relationships] [January 2009] (HITS 798, REVS. 0)
No Matter What, We Will Always Be (Songs) My 26th original song. It's a love song about always being together... [246 words] [Romance] [January 2009] (HITS 740, REVS. 0)
Nothing Words (Songs) This is actually my 33rd original song. I wrote it while I was beginning to have some trouble with writing. I felt like I was losing inspiration and was having trouble writing melodies for other songs. The song is about having so much to say, but feeling like the words I write mean nothing. The resu... [299 words] [January 2009] (HITS 727, REVS. 0)
One I Desire (Songs) This is my 24th original song. It is a love song about someone I do love, but haven't been able to meet yet. [325 words] [Romance] [January 2009] (HITS 740, REVS. 0)
One More Wish (Songs) My 27th original song. A love song about someone I really care for and wish could be by my side, but it so far away. [347 words] [Romance] [January 2009] (HITS 729, REVS. 0)
Pick Up The Phone (Songs) - [85 words] [September 2010] (HITS 708, REVS. 0)
Prisoner Of Myself (Poetry) A poem about unintetionally causing so much destruction in my own life. [174 words] [March 2009] (HITS 721, REVS. 0)
Put On Hold (Poetry) A love poem about how confused I am about my feelings for someone who doesn't even exist to me. [201 words] [Romance] [February 2009] (HITS 737, REVS. 0)
Stay Like This (Songs) This is my 14th original song. It is a love song about holding onto love through everything life brings. [404 words] [Romance] [January 2009] (HITS 839, REVS. 1)
Still (Songs) This is my 11th original song. It is a love song about someone who is still with me and will be always. Unfortunately, for now, it's only fiction. But I was so inspired because I am a hopeless romantic and most of my songs are about love. [462 words] [Romance] [January 2009] (HITS 851, REVS. 2)
That Picture (Songs) This is my 25th original song. It is a true story, and is about the man I love who I've never met. I first found him through a picture, but it led to so much more... [364 words] [Romance] [January 2009] (HITS 938, REVS. 1)
To Find Me (Songs) This is my 31st song. It is about struggling to express myself in a different way than love. Turned out to be a way to find more of myself in my writing. [293 words] [February 2009] (HITS 939, REVS. 1)
Wake From My Lonesome (Poetry) A poem about loneliness... It's the shortest thing I've ever written, but I believe it's good nonetheless. [98 words] [February 2009] (HITS 840, REVS. 1)
Why You? (Songs) My 35th original song. A love song about someone I feel so much for, but can't be with yet... [343 words] [Romance] [January 2009] (HITS 1050, REVS. 2)
You Are Gone (Poetry) Lost a friend because he had feelings I didn't share. Too hard for him to keep talking... Even moving to another country to forget it all. [44 words] [September 2009] (HITS 838, REVS. 0)
You Are Not Worth It (Songs) Wrote this for a friend dealing with heartbreak. [113 words] [Relationships] [September 2010] (HITS 637, REVS. 0)
You Don't Know (Songs) My 40th original song. A love song about the man I love, but he doesn't know... Most of it was written before I started typing this, but I am currently writing the last verse and end as I type. [215 words] [Romance] [January 2009] (HITS 824, REVS. 0)
You Don't Look (Poetry) A poem I wrote about someone I used to care about. But I had to end it, and he no longer seems to want anything to do with me... [197 words] [February 2009] (HITS 740, REVS. 0)
You Tear Me, My Love (Poetry) A poem about loving someone who is so far away and doesn't know I exist. [272 words] [Romance] [January 2009] (HITS 769, REVS. 0)
You Weren't Enough (Songs) A friend fell hard for me and i don't feel the same way. He's taking it incredibly hard... [133 words] [September 2009] (HITS 679, REVS. 0)
Your Smile (Songs) This is my 22nd original song. It remains one of my favorites. It is a love song about how amazing the man I love is. [315 words] [Romance] [February 2009] (HITS 881, REVS. 0)


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