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Fun! Fun!
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Fun! Fun!
[1,312 words]
Saranekha Saravanan
[January 2018]
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Fun! Fun!
Saranekha Saravanan

It was 9:00pm when I finished my homework and was free to do something I want and I was happy and I took out paper pencil and started to draw and I love drawing because it was fun and I get to inspire myself to do more art and I love art. I get inspired by all the colour and lines and shading. Anyways, I also like guns and transformers and I love to play football and basketballs. Even though I am a girl I like boys stuff like football, blue, zombie, chicken, and wait, chicken? Sorry, for that I was just getting a bit hungry. I love to eat pizza and I love to eat chicken soup and I love to orange, apples and all types of food. I think I should get something to eat. Now, letís see if anything in here, pencils, erasers, papers, a piece of card, nail polish, biscuit and wait? Nail polish! What is nail polish doing here in my desk? Maybe it is my momís. Better go put it on her make-up table. Hey, what is this on my momís desk? It says ĎDear Lily, I am at Singapore and you will go with your neighbour to your new school.í What?! I am going to a new school? Are you kidding me! I am going to die. I hate to change school and who gave my mom permission to change schools. Well itís time to sleep bye, bye!
Hello guys, itís my first day at my new school and canít wait for it to be over. I went to school with my neighbour and well, I reached to my school and it looks too boring on the outside of the building but when I went inside it was like bam! It was so cool. They even have a robot! I started to like this school so I went to my class and I finally found the class and I went in and found that there were so many people inside and I was wondering where to sit and I was a bit shy so I sat at the back of the class and started to do nothing and wait for the teacher to arrive when the teacher arrive we greet the teacher and the teacher called me out and asked me to tell more about myself and I felt nervous for all this like I thought that I was going to mess everything up but I tried and I said that my name was Lily and I was 11 and I love football, basketball and all the boys stuff and then everybody froze and I wonder why. Then a boy just asked that if I was transgendered and I agreed and then my teacher told me to sit down and we packed for cheerleading which is for girls and boys play football and I went to join them because I signed up for basketball and not cheerleading. The boys asked if I was playing with them and I agreed and I played with them and I came back and found that the girls look sad and the boys asked why are the girls sad and they replied that it was because of me. And I wondered why and they continued that their teacher was sad that I went to play basketball and that she taught boring things and the girls learned nothing at all.
I didnít care and I left for my football club and later at lunch I had no one to sit with. They said that I canít sit with them and I sat alone in an empty table all alone when the boys came and sat around me and we started talking and I was happy to have some friends and I didnít care on what others said at all. After school the boys invited me to play football with them and I agreed. I played with them and I returned to my house and saw a box on my table and I found a note saying ĎDear, Lily I wonder whether you had a good day at school and if you did then accept this gift.í I was stunned because my mum never gives me a gift before so when I opened my box I saw a phone and I wanted to scream because I always wanted a new phone. Well at least there is some sense in my mum. I wonder when she would come here and I thought of writing a letter to her and I did and I post it to her and waited for her reply. The next day I went to school and found a note on my desk and it said ĎAre you a boy or and girl because you look like a boy with the hairstyle and everything is in blue but in your birth certificate youíre a girl so please reply over here___________________________________ and put it on the desk labelled 4.í I was angry because she was asking rude question so I just simply throw the note away. Later in the afternoon, I was walking home when a girl walked over to me and asked if I was transgendered and I asked her not to ask me that again and she agreed and left me alone. I walked home and saw an unusual car in front of my house and I found out that my mum has returned and I was happy and I told her everything of what the girl think of me and she said that it was ok and I agreed with her.
I went to school and I saw that it was closed and I wondered why because it was so unusual of the school to close and I saw a notice board which says Ďthe school has been closed due to a murder and the police will be here so we should stay at home and not come to school. I was surprised to see the notice and I was going to kill myself like what? What had actually happened? I didnít know that there would be a murder at my school at all. I was shocked and just then my friend Yi Khan came and I told him that the school was closed due to a murder and he was shocked and said that we should quit the school and go to another school because the school is not safe anymore and we should find a better school and I agreed then we saw our principle coming and walked to us and told us to go home and I asked him what had actually happened and he refuse to answer me and I was curious. I walked home and I told my mother about what just happened and she too, was shocked on what I said. Then the next day the school was demolished and was forced to shut down and the people were destroying the building slowly and I was sad to see my school being destroyed and I watched until the sunset and my mum ran to me and asked if I was ok and I looked very sad and I just said that I was sad to see my school being destroyed and just then a lorry came and killed my mum and I was shocked and started crying and the next day was the funeral when I heard a ringing bell and when I opened my eyes I was in my room and it was the sound of my alarm clock and I realised it was just a dream and I was so late for school, Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I am going to get scolded and bye, bye I am going to school. What was that dream by the way, was it a mystery? Well we will soon find out and I canít wait for that day.


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