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Girl I'll Be There
[274 words]
Ivano Joseph Gianni
[March 2018]
Mistreated (Songs) - [178 words] [Relationships]
Girl I'll Be There
Ivano Joseph Gianni

I'll be there...
when u need me to be the voice of reason,
i'll be there...
when u need me to be a man (& understand),
i'll be there...
to show u luv & care,
when evrything around u seems unfair,
when u need sum1 to treat u right,
i'll be there to hold u tight,
i'll be the white knight,
who'll be there...
to make evrything alright,
i'll be there...
if u need sum1 to be close,
i'll be near,
i'll be sincere...
when u shed tears

saying i'll be there,
sounds like emty words,
so i'll do evrything i can,
to prove that im a man of my word,
show u thers sumthing in my heart,
that wants to be shared,
& it makes me wanna be ther
so girl you know,
I'll be there

verse 2
if u make bad choices,
& wrong decisions,
i'll try & help u right,
if u dnt wanna listen to my voice of reason,
i'll still be there to support u (no matter what),
i'll be there...to catch u if u fall,
i'll catch u so firmly,
it'll be like u neva fell at all,
when u feel helpless,
when things dnt workout,
& all u wanna do is shout,
i'll be ther...
to help u out,
i'll be what the doctor ordered,
(all that & more),
all ur problems i'll share,
all ur burdens i'll bear,
be ur consolation...
when ur scared

verse 3
i'll be there...
to make u laugh,
i'll be there...
to tell u silly jokes,
be sensible enough...to be myself,
when i meet ur folks,
i'll be there...
through all fights & arguments,
i'll be ther...
through all happy & sad moments,
through all the accomplishments,
& all disapointments,
through the sunshine & the rain,
through all of the pain,
i'll be there...
if u need sum1 to blame,
i'll be there...
through all the change,
be there through evrythang,
u can count on me to be there

"girl all i want...is to be there for u"


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