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Hysterical Madness
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Hysterical Madness
It is crazy what happens when you walk through these streets...
[602 words]
Jina Kaye
I am an artist living in NYC...most of my writing is for performance/spoken word, so keep that in mind as you read my work.
[April 2009]
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Hysterical Madness
Jina Kaye

I am going crazy,
  out of my mind
always being this person...this
that always does the right thing...

Oh, you are such a good girl,
they say,
So sweet and kind...

Sometimes, I just want to be a

And not in the way you think...
sure, I get my moods every once in a while,
but I look at these chicks walking in my hood
like life owes them something and they don't give a shit...

Yeah, I wanna be THAT bitch.

See, 'cause I'm that hardworking Sistah that gets paid every OTHER week from pulling a 9 to 5, with no man, not a single potential in sight, with a bunch of girlfriends going through the same crap. I go to church, I volunteer, I pay my bills on time...I AM a good person. So what the fuck...

These hood chicks get to roll around with every Raheem, Shaheed, Juanita and Dick, popping out kids every year, taking MY tax dollars to pay for their 8, 9, 100 hundred kids (and fuck that Octo-Mom bitch...she's a hood chick, too), while they getting bills from their babies' daddies, getting them new kicks and Dereon jeans (like an 8 year old girl is supposed to be wearing some Beyonce knockoffs)--please.

Let the FEDS pay for my housing, because in NYC, I can barely afford to pay my rent, let alone food and entertainment. Let me run these streets like I'm the Queen B--that would be L'il Kim. not Blair Waldorf, honey--and work those numbers, pimp these chicks--Hell, I'd be a damn good pimp. I'd switch up the game and start pimping these pretty ass street dudes hangin' on the corna. They ain't got nothing else better to do than, no way, so let me pretty them up and take their asses right to Jersey where them rich Negroes live and let them have a ball...I'd charge a G for each nigga (and I will be bringing at least 10 of them). Those boys are built better than any Chip & Dale looking dudes, any day! Those rangers can't rescue my ass...I need them street!

See, I switch to the vernacular quick, right?!

Hysterical Madness...that's what I'm feeling and seeing and watching and hearing and smelling and tasting when I walk through these streets of NYC...of BK.

Hysterical Madness is when you are living out on the streets because you've already been from shelter to shelter...jumping from Broadway House to Ward's Island, only to go back to BRC and THEN had to take the Next Step...

Hysterical Madness is when you just got laid off your $50,000 a year job because you were the middle man and you had to swallow your pride and work, part-time, at a Barnes & Noble. Hell, hadn't worked there since college...

Hysterical Madness is when you see children playing in the streets while their Mama is shooting up and Daddy is shooting someone in the head...Sista be fucking some dude on the side of the building while Brotha is selling some crack to fiends from the other project...

Hysterical Madness is when your friends get shipped off to another country, fighting a senseless, ceaseless war all for the sake of a mighty dollar bill...and they die in "friendly" fire--felt they were getting too friendly with the truth...

Hysterical Madness is like Marching to the Madness of a drummer who does not even know how to work those drunsticks, like LeBron James facing off with Kobe...like Kobe facing off with Jordan...like Jordan facing off with himself in a cartoon because someone was doped up and feeling good when that idea strolled along...like Aretha trying to out sing James Brown...like...life...

Life IS hysterical madness...so, are you showing up or strapping down?


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