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A Better Friend

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A Better Friend
Poem for solitude and loneliness.
[94 words]
T J Rintoull
T J Rintoull, born 1983, currently residing on the Gold Coast in Australia, grew up in a combination of city housing, winnebago travelling and bush shacks, before entering the worlds of music, art and literature. Told often that he should have attended university to better himself, instead he devotes his time to working dead end jobs in order to pay the bills, and his spare time to creating music and literature. He confesses that although he loves to paint he has no ability with a brush whatsoever.
Currently T J Rintoull resides with his fiance in a small flat, as he continues to attempt a measure of success with his band and his writing.
[May 2006]
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A Better Friend
T J Rintoull

Do you ever look inside and find

The turning of an ivory tide

The loss of life and love and fear

The feeling youíre no longer here

.. ..

Do you ever look inside to see

The chains are broken you are free

The heart is open spewing blood

The tears are falling like a flood

.. ..

Do you ever look outside and know

The time to leave the time to go

The first foot forward should be now

The world around is falling down

.. ..

And did you look around to find

That nothing isnít so unkind

That no-one is no bitter end

And solitudeís a better friend


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