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Don't You Remember
[145 words]
Beatrice Darmie
[September 2012]
Dance, Dance (Songs) A party song [82 words] [Teenage]
Take My Number (Songs) Got inspired by Carly Rae Jespen's 'Call Me Maybe' [136 words] [Teenage]
Don't You Remember
Beatrice Darmie

I remember the days we had
Starting from where it all started
We were young and so in love
So na?ve yet ever charming

I remember the times we shared
When you walked into my life
But just like that you left
Forgetting the hopes we shared

Don't you remember any of this
When you said you were done with me
And put the world between us
Don't you remember these memories
When you said your goodbyes and left
And threw the love away
Don't you remember?

To me its like yesterday
'Cus I'm drowned in the memories
Of how we used to be
Now its all in the past

Don't you remember
That no one could get in our ways
We were so much in love
And in a second you shattered ita all
Brought an end to my love life
And yet you never cared

I still love you like I always do
And I wonder if you remember
But I think its time to say goodbye to the memories


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September 2012

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